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With MB6-896 Questions and Answers, Killtest MB6-896 study guide gives you the confidence in knowing that you will pass this difficult exam on the first try. With Microsoft MB6-896 Exam Questions, you can test your knowledge and readiness for exam, assess your performance in a given time, gets scores and highlighted weaknesses with suggestions to improve the weak areas. Don't waste your time and money on free MB6-896 braindump torrents and MB6-896 braindump sites, free MB6-896 download, just give Microsoft MB6-896 Exam Questions a chance, and you will not lose anything. The MB6-896 practice test is designed to give you basic feel of the exam and scenarios that you will face in the official exam. Microsoft MB6-896 Exam Questions will be in the multiple-choice question format same as the official Microsoft MB6-896 exam. One thing is very common in free Microsoft MB6-896 dump is the wrong answers. This creates doubt in the mind of candidates and raises more questions instead of solving the questions in mind.

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You are implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations for a new customer.
You need to use a weighted average for all items as the costing methodology.
Which type of group should you configure?
A. Tracking dimension group
B. Item group
C. Item model group
D. Product dimension group
Answer: C

You need to set up boxing logic to support the packaging requirements for a specific product.
Which two fields need to be populated with values? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.
A. Weight limit
B. Gross weight
C. Net weight
D. Tare weight
E. Maximum utilization
Answer: CE

You observe that the small boxes of a specific product are not selling well compared to the large boxes of the same product.
You need to know how many of the small boxes of the product you have on hand and where the boxes are located.
Which report should you use?
A. Location label
B. On-hand inventory
C. Inventory by inventory dimension aging
D. Physical inventory by inventory dimension
Answer: D

You need to define the dimensions for one of your packing boxes.
What will be automatically calculated based on entering the dimensions of the packing box?
A. Weight limit
B. Height
C. Weight
D. Volume
Answer: A

You are warehouse manager for an office supply retail company.
There is concern that the on-hand inventory for staplers in your warehouse is incorrect.
You need to correct the current on-hand inventory for your items.
Which two journal types will allow you to count on-hand inventory? Each correct answers is part of the solution.
A. Tag counting
B. Production input
C. Counting
D. Bill of materials (BOM)
Answer: AC

You use standard costing as the costing methodology for al products.
You need to run a report that shows all inventory that is over 60 days old or over 90 days old.
Which report should you use?
A. Vendor aging
B. Inventory aging
C. Materials in process
D. Standard cost transactions
Answer: B

Your company’s human resources department has purchased a new computer monitor and the expenses need to be assigned to the IT department.
You need to create an inventory journal to expense an item against a different department.
Which type of inventory journal should you use?
A. Bill of materials (BOM)
B. Inventory adjustment
C. Movement
D. Transfer
Answer: A

You are setting up the inventory locations for a warehouse.
Which two inventory locations could a rack contain? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.
A. bin
B. aisle
C. site
D. shelf
Answer: AD

You have a small production facility that does not use production routes.
You need to consume items in production and reduce stock.
Which type of journal would you use?
A. Inventory adjustment
B. Item arrival
C. Counting
D. Bill of materials (BOM)
Answer: D

What happens when you accept a request for quotation? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.
A. The request for quotation status is set to Accepted.
B. The request for quotation status is set to Sent.
C. A purchase order is created.
D. A purchase agreement is created.
Answer: AC

Which two activities occur as part of a purchase requisition workflow? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.
A. approve of the purchase requisition
B. submit the purchase order to the vendor
C. create a purchase order
D. submit a purchase requisition
Answer: AD

An employee reports concerns about the quality of a specific item.
You need to create a nonconformance record for the item.
Which nonconformance type should you use?
A. Customer
B. Service request
C. Vendor
D. Internal
Answer: C

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