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NS0-163: please download free NS0-163 in PDF Version
Some of the technologies that ATG is currently investing in include:

New storage technologies such as flash memory
Simplified data management
Data center virtualization
"Green" technology, including modeling power usage and benchmarks for power


NS0-920 question and answer for free

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Exam Name: NetCache Deployment Options & Streaming
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Switch Configuration

The Brocade switch can be configured into multiple zones. Zoning can be done on a port basis or on a World Wide Name (WWN) basis.
Probing must be disabled on Brocade switches.
Up to 64 switches are supported in the fabric.


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Exam Name: NCSA - DataFort Security Exam

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Which step is automatically performed when using host virtualization?
A. WWN forwarding for virtualized hosts
B. WWN forwarding when creating Cryptainer vaults
C. masking LUNs to the base WWN on the storage side and to the virtualized host WWN
D. granting ...


NetApp platforms and tape libraries

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NetApp Platform Configuration

Up to 15 NetApp platforms per switch.
Up to 64 tape devices per switch.
Up to 16 media changers per switch

Tape drive aliases must be identical if you are using multiple NetApp platforms in a Fibre Channel SAN.
NetApp platforms and tape libraries must be in the same zone if a device outside of this solution is connected to the Fibre Channel switch.


NS0 163 Data Protection Solutions

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NS0 163 Data Protection Solutions
Now that I've gotten that out of the way. There is no short-cut for practical experience, so
having that is a wealth of importance in helping you sit these exams.
Because these are particularly "Practical" exams, understanding the fundamentals ways in

I would like to sit the exams (NS0-330) in the next couple off weeks. Does anyone have
any advise or recommendations?
I have the courseware books and a year of daily NetApp admin experience but do not know
what to expect from the exams.
Ie ~ the MCSE was close to the tests on but I have not found a similar
study aid for the NCDA.

Great question Brendon, and congratulations ...


Network Appliance Data Protection Exam 7G

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NetApp unified storage architecture provides you with the most flexible and scalable storage and data management platform in the industry. Our innovative solutions deliver new alternatives to expand possibilities for you.

All NetApp storage systems are configured with our Data ONTAP operating system. A single process for activities such as installation, provisioning, mirroring, backup, and ...


Network Appliance Data ONTAP Advanced Exam 7G

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